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Sending money to someone with an Osper Card

You can send money to someone with an Osper Card instantly and easily using your debit card using Osper Gifts. You don’t need the Osper app and can simply click a gift link on your phone, tablet or computer.

notice: To use Osper Gifts, you will need a UK registered Visa or MasterCard Debit Card. We currently don’t support credit cards or loading by prepaid card.

Loading money onto an Osper Card with Osper Gifts

To give someone with an Osper Card follow the steps below;
  1. Click the link you have been sent to open the Osper Gifts page;
    1. This link should look something like https://osper.com/c/1234a
    2. If you’ve not been sent a link you will need to contact the parent or guardian of the Young Person to ask them to invite you to load
  2. The Osper Gifts page should open and show you the name of the person that you are going to give money to
  3. Enter in how much you would like to give, your name, a message and your email address and click Next
    1. If you have used Osper before you will be asked to enter in your password, just pop that in and tap Load Money - the money will be instantly transferred
  4. If you’ve not used Osper before you’ll be asked to enter your personal details, card details and a password. These will be saved securely letting you load money again in future by just logging in.
  5. Tap Next.
  6. An email will be sent to your email address to verify your email, click the link contained in that email. Your gift will not process until this is completed.
  7. Your gift will be processed and you, the parent and young person will receive an email confirmation that includes the message.

Changing your Osper Gifts payment details

To change your registered debit card for Osper Gifts please email us at help@osper.com

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