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Changing your debit card

notice: Some banks will allow an expired card to still be used if it was set up before the card expired. You can check which card details we hold by logging in to the Osper app, selecting More and then Debit cards.
You can change the debit card associated to your Osper account at any time using the Osper app. Your new debit card will be used whenever you manually load money onto the Osper Card, for automatic allowances and for your subscription payment. Unfortunately at the moment it is only possible to have one debit card registered at any given time. 
notice: Your new debit card must be a UK Visa Debit or MasterCard Debit card with at least £1 available.

To change your debit card;

  1. Log into the Osper app using the parent username and password
  2. Select the More option from the menu bar at the bottom.
  3. Tap Debit Cards - your current debit card details are displayed
  4. Tap Change this debit card
  5. Enter in your new debit card details
  6. When all details have been entered in correctly, the Add debit card details button will turn from grey to orange, tap this button to proceed with changing your debit card
  7. Tap Confirm

Your debit card has now been changed, manual loadsautomatic allowances and subscription payments will be debited from this card.


If you find the Add debit card details button is staying grey and not turning orange, then this is likely to be a problem with the details typed in. In this circumstance it’s best to check the following;

  1. Your billing address must match the address your Osper cards are registered to
  2. Ensure that the long 16 digit card number is typed in correctly
  3. Ensure that the expiry date (not the valid from date) is entered in correctly; this is two digits for the month and two digits for the year and should be a future date
  4. Check that the CVV - the last 3 digits from the back of the debit card located on the signature strip - are entered correctly

If when you tap the Add debit card details an error is displayed, be sure to check the following;

  1. The card is a Visa Debit or MasterCard Debit card, not a credit card or a prepaid card
  2. There is at least £1 available in the account

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