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Inviting friends and family to load

Friends and family can simply and instantly load money onto an Osper Card using their debit card, this is called Osper gifts. The person who is gifting doesn’t even need to download the Osper app, they simply click on the personalised gift link.
notice: The person giving money will need a UK registered Visa or MasterCard debit card and can give between £5 - £100 per Osper Card.

To invite a friend or family member to load money onto an Osper card simply;
  1. Log in as the parent to the Osper app
  2. From the menu at the bottom, select Invite Someone to Load
  3. The unique gift link is displayed towards the top of the screen. This is the individual link to top up that Osper Card.
  4. Give this link to the person who is sending the gift. You can send this link by email, text message, WhatsApp by simply tapping one of the share buttons.
  5. When the other person clicks this link, they go to a personalised secure page where they can decide how much to give and enter in a short message.
  6. When they’ve completed everything, we’ll send you and the gifter an email to confirm and the money will be available on the Osper Card instantly.

We save the details so that if they want to give a gift in future they don’t need to enter in their personal details or payment card details again, making the process even quicker.

At the moment it’s not possible for a gifter to set up an automatic allowance, all payments will have to be done manually.

We’ve also got a guide to giving money to someone with an Osper Card letting you see the process from their perspective.

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