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Does Osper block age-inappropriate transactions online?

All Osper cards have online spending blocked by default. It’s easy for parents to enable online spending during the activation process or by contacting the Osper support team, but we feel it’s important parents understand the following risks:

Restricted Merchants
Osper will not work in certain merchants by default. This allows us to block purchases from some merchants including online alcohol-selling merchants and gambling sites, to protect children from inappropriate spending. However, this system does rely on merchants listing themselves appropriately.

Generalist Websites
In terms of online purchases, retail technology is not yet sophisticated enough to restrict the purchase of individual age restricted items from generalist websites such as Tesco or Amazon so there is a risk a young person could purchase items inappropriate for their age on the internet if the merchant chooses not to age-verify before completing the transaction.

Adult Content
Unfortunately, there is currently no online merchant category code for adult content providers, which would allow us to block that area outright. To that end, Osper has joined the ATVOD (Authority for Television on Demand) consultation and has been lobbying for the introduction of an adult content category code. We are also exploring functionality to alert parents immediately if a young person purchases inappropriate material from a mainstream adult content provider.

Osper is committed to working with retail and technology partners to ensure that we continue to offer as much protection online as possible and help to solve this industry-wide problem. We will continue to improve our services based on industry developments and will always take on board feedback from our customers.

We want to ensure parents understand these risks and can make the call on when their child is ready to take on the responsibility that comes with being able to shop online.

If you have any concerns we encourage you to contact us on 020 3322 9090 or by emailing help@osper.com.

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